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M81 NEWENERGY will help you turn your goals into reality. We offer high quality consulting at every stage of your project, from the selection of the location for your future project to the continuous monitoring of the operation of the constructed stations.

Pre-development phase – we may help you define a project concept that meets your requirements with a detailed analysis of all inputs and expectations.



Project planning – our team will help you break down the project into specific phases, assess risks and set deadlines, and set up a system for meeting those deadlines.

Project execution – we’ll advise you on the corrective and preventive actions required.  This will allow you to bring your actual performance in line with deadlines and anticipate and mitigate the negative impacts associated with project risks.

Project monitoring and control – our company will provide you with all the administrative work needed to complete your project development and provide remote monitoring services for generating equipment throughout the project life cycle. Moreover, M81 NEWENERGY may also forecast your facility’s generation with a high degree of accuracy when required by local law.

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